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Rhett is a 2022 Audie Finalist who is described by acquaintances as “decent, fair, caring and educated”.  His family and friends know him as warm, funny, quick to joke and well informed on a variety of issues.  (His daughter simply says, “Dad’s a know it all!”)


AudioFile Magazine says, “His sonorous voice takes the listener on a unique historical journey” and “Rhett Samuel Price offers a solid narration of the power of education”.  These quotes describe what AudioFile Magazine thinks of Rhett’s narration and a glimpse of narration.  Rhett has always loved telling stories since his childhood days spending weekends at the Coskey family home in Encino CA, thrilling his friends, Kevin, Jill and Jay with his retelling of “The Chicken Heart That Ate New York City”, “I Started Out As A Child”, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” myriad ghost stories and other thrilling tales.  Watching the faces of his friends around the campfire is the main reason Rhett loves telling stories, especially Horror and Thrillers.


While attending USC to attain his degree in Public Policy and Management, he started VO as an announcer for the USC baseball and men’s and women’s volleyball teams.  Rhett decided to serve the community by becoming a California Highway Patrolman.  With 22 years as a motorcycle officer and motorcycle Sergeant among other positions within the Department, he possesses an intimate knowledge of law enforcement, courtroom policies & procedures while serving with one of California’s and the world’s most distinguished law enforcement agencies.  During this time, he began his 7-year run as the traffic reporter for KABC TV channel 7 Los Angeles and for numerous English and Spanish radio stations with one of the highest “Q” ratings for Los Angeles reporters.


Even with this busy 1st career, Rhett has found time to enjoy Scuba Diving and is a certified Divemaster for NAUI, having completed more than 3,500+ dives around the world while feeding moray eels out of the palm of his hand.  Rhett began narrating audiobooks after taking a class with Pat Fraley and Scott Brick and has never looked back.  Having been raised by a single mother, whose business was mainly supported by the Jewish community and the early LGBTQ community and was a supporter of equal rights before it was fashionable, Rhett has been a longtime supporter of equal rights and inclusion for all.


Having narrated the following genres: Black history, Biography, Sci-Fi, Romance and Thrillers, Rhett would like to expound upon “The Chicken Heart That Ate New York City” and narrate Horror and Suspense.

In addition to Scuba Diving, Rhett's other hobbies include swimming every morning, cooking and learning new languages.  Rhett is currently studying German.

Rhett is listed on the rosters of Penguin Random House, Hachette, Dreamworks Media, BeeAudio, and Findaway Voices.

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