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A_Metempsychosis Story_Abaddon Meets Ely
A Metempsychosis Story: Abaddon Meets Elysium


The land of Ursurla moved around her as the wind struck a chord with the moonlight playing on the reddened grass before her. The night cracked and sparked as a sudden storm dissolved the stars and unleashed its force upon the moon, hiding it beneath thick clouds, layers, and darkness. Many years ago, once the magic started changing into an uncontrollable and unique mystery, natural magic users/creatures understood something was happening among the populace, but with no way to prove it, as their numbers dwindled and they were taken in the night, many thought the creatures had died off, as the magic died off. No one realized the magic had died because these creatures were being controlled and locked up for their magic. The necromancers do this through the use of taboo magic. Their ultimate goal is to open the veil between worlds and prepare for their master, Draconias, to come through the portal and mold their two worlds into one. Once they have all the magical creatures, nothing can stop them. And Draconias (demon lord) will have an unstoppable army at his command.

©2017 M.J. de Gaulle (P)2017 M.J. de Gaulle

Narcotic DayDreams

Tom Marshall was never one of the good guys. Even back when he was a cop, he was just another member of an utterly corrupt force. He has spent the last five years working at a local towing company run by a small-time mafia boss and drinking his life away in an ever downward spiral. When one of his buddies asks him to look for his missing girlfriend, Tom takes a chance and decides to try doing the right thing for a change. The trail this search leads him down makes him question whether he wants to be the kind of guy who finds lost girls, or the kind of guy who makes them disappear.

©2016 Matthew Broadway (P)2017 Matthew Broadway

Carmen DeLaRosa: The Drake of Ehknac

The Hornblaris Mountains -- home to the great Dwarven people -- are a miraculous sight to behold, but beneath their towering peaks lie monstrous dangers. Carmen Delarosa, a travelling merchant's daughter, has lived within the mountains and even travelled their passages her entire life without issue. But when a drake appears along a routine trading route and slaughters an entire caravan, including her family, Carmen vows to take justice into her own hands. Alone, in the Deep Roads, and with only her wits to guide her, Carmen will attempt the impossible: to hunt, and kill, the Drake of Ehknac.

©2014 Kody Boye (P)2017 Story by Kody Boye

The Heart of the Mission_230x304.png
Refuge Collection: The Heart of the Mission

"Checking in at the Kraken Hotel, I'd had a niggling feeling I'd wound up in Innsmouth instead of Refuge.  A small and secret group who called themselves the Voice of the Thorn were the fosters and guardians of an uncatalogued breed of rose."

Important:  Proceeds go to Sanctuary Australia Foundation. Story: Matthew R Davis. Cover art: Will Jacques. Editor: Steve Dillon.

©2016 Matthew R Davis (P)2017 Steve Dillon

The Blood of Emmett Till

Mississippi, 1955: 14-year-old Emmett Till was murdered by a white mob after making flirtatious remarks to a white woman, Carolyn Bryant. Till's attackers were never convicted, but his lynching became one of the most notorious hate crimes in American history. It launched protests across the country, helped the NAACP gain thousands of members, and inspired famous activists like Rosa Parks to stand up and fight for equal rights for the first time. Part detective story, part political history, Tyson revises the history of the Till case using a wide range of new sources, including the only interview ever given by Carolyn Bryant. In a time where discussions of race are once again coming to the fore, Tyson redefines this crucial moment in civil rights history.

©2017 Timothy B. Tyson (P)2017 Dreamscape Media, LLC

Into Jackson-Everything In Between_230x3
Into Jackson: Everything In Between

Widespread violence. An impending epidemic. A love discovered, and then lost. Alex came of age under the shroud of a looming threat of national and personal catastrophe. Now, in a time when chaos and depravity reign, Alex will stop at nothing to make right, what has gone so wrong. Into Jackson: Everything in Between An edgy, apocalyptic tale of love, hate, and a relentless journey toward redemption. *Contains some violence, mild profanity, and suggestive themes appropriate for mature readers.

©2015 Jaxon M King (P)2016 Jaxon M King

True Paranormal_230x304.png
True Paranormal - Book 3

​Nowadays, horror stories abound and you can find numerous tales of horror, alien activity, and even ghosts. These stories come at you from all angles and at first they may freak you out, but after you do your research, you can often find out that most of these stories are hoaxes - tales fabricated to scare people and send chills down children's spines.  But as you search through these tales of horror, you may find a story or two that is rooted in indubitable truth. These are the real stories that will keep you awake at night and may make you afraid to go to sleep.  Stories of ghosts, ghouls, and other monsters that seek to destroy will have you hiding under your sheet and seeking the company of anyone who is willing to spend some time with you and take your mind off of your paranormal fears.

I invite you to listen to these ghostly tales and join me in the world of the undead....


©2015 Max Mason Hunter (P)2017 Max Mason Hunter

How Cities Won The West

From the Gulf of Alaska to the Mississippi River and from the binational metropolis of San Diego-Tijuana to the Prairie Province capitals of Canada, Carl Abbott explores the complex urban history of western Canada and the United States. The evolution of western cities from stations for exploration and military occupation to contemporary entry points for migration and components of a global economy reminds us that it is cities that "won the West." And today, as cultural change increasingly moves from west to east, Abbott argues that the urban West represents a new center from which emerging patterns of behavior and changing customs will help to shape North America in the twenty-first century.

©2008 University of New Mexico Press (P)2017 Redwood Audiobooks

The Los Healer_230x304.png
The Lost Healer

When raiders come to Daelfjord, Frida is taken away from her home and everyone she's ever known, doomed to a life of slavery. Although she belongs to Agnarr, lord of Groenthjal, she can't seem to escape the attention of Daegal, the town's resident magician. Sparks fly as their personalities clash, but it is eventually Daegal who helps her escape from the raiders.  The magician has his own plans for Frida's newfound freedom, however, and it isn't for her to return home to Daelfjord. Instead, he is convinced that her very existence was prophecized and that she will be instrumental in battling the evil forces coming from the Borderlands.  All Frida wants is to return home, to her comfortable life of healing the sick and wounded, but it seems that fate has other plans for her. Will she eventually get what she wants? Or will she only trade Agnarr's slavery for Daegal's control?

©2016 Rachel Robins (P)2017 Rachel Robins

Awake, Asleep, Dreaming, Dead

The driver's supernatural focus is on the disappearing center line. Then the sun begins to rise, and it's like nothing he's seen before, he stops to admire it and takes a picture. He's tired, closes his eyes, rests, thinks, and dreams. Time, memories, love, places, people from the past. Who knows and makes the future? Do wishes come true? Where do they come from? Is life a coin toss? Does it happen by choice? Is it random, magic, or an illusion? As the last word rolls off his lips, at this last flutter of time, the driver will choose to be awake, asleep, dreaming or dead . . .

©70 John Siwicki (P)2016 John Siwicki

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