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Whispered Prayers of A Girl_303x411.png
Whispered Prayers of a Girl

A tortured soul meets a damaged family.... A lonely man, a widowed woman, a carefree boy, and a broken girl.... Can the four come together and help heal each other? Or will fear of the unknown and guilt of the past keep them apart?  Her whispered prayers break her.... 

At night, as she's drifting off to sleep, I press my ear to the door and listen to her heart-wrenching pleas. Her words are agony to my healing heart, but I cherish the sound of them, for that's the only time I ever hear my beautiful daughter speak. Since her father died two years ago, she's grown quiet and withdrawn. Cat's Valley was to be our new beginning, a place where my family and I can heal, but what we find there is so much more.  

Scars mar his body. Pain has left him in pieces....

Four years ago, I lost the two things I cherished most in the world. They were ripped from my arms in the most painful and cruel way. Since then, I've kept to myself, preferring to stay away from the pitying looks and murmured rumors. Everything changed when she and her children barged into my life. It was an accident, and I don't deserve them, but now that they've stepped into my life, I'm not sure I can let them go.

©2017 Alex Grayson (P)2018 Alex Grayson

Whispered Prayers of a GirlRhett Samuel Price & Nicole Blessing

Whispered Prayers of a Girl - Reviews

Beautiful and emotional.  MUST LISTEN!

I love, love, LOVED this story! Whispered Prayers of a Girl is such an emotionally heartbreaking story. Alexander and Gwen have been hurt in the past and are still affected by it in the present. Still, their chemistry and connection was undeniably strong and so beautiful to watch unfold. Even more beautiful was the bond between their kids. My poor heart couldn’t take the feels that produced. 

Narration by Nicole Blessing and Rhett Samuel Price did an amazing job narrating. Both are new to me narrators, but they completely blew me away with their ability to bring to life all the emotions in the story. They made Gwen and Alexander and all their emotions come to life and the story was better for it. 5 Stars.

Ariadna B. - Audible Review/ September 10, 2018

Beautiful and emotional.

I absolutely loved Whispered Prayers of a Girl! Until this book I never paid much attention to how some authors are able to pen a story that strikes a perfect balance between a read that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at once. This book took me on an unexpected emotional rollercoaster ride. Both Alexander and Gwen carry scars from their pasts that still affect them. Each broken in their own way it was amazing to see how they each balanced the other. I loved the connection that formed between them but the one between Alexander and Gwen's children both warmed my heart and squeezed it tight. 

Both Nicole and Rhett did an amazing job narrating this book. From the sweet and calming voice of Gwen to the gruff cadence of Alexander, the exuberant voice of Daniel and the whispered prayers of Kelsey they both inflected this story with more emotion than I was prepared for. I smiled, laughed, cried, raged, and had my heartstrings pulled on throughout this whole read. Whispered Prayers of a Girl was a fantastic and emotional read that had my emotions all over the place by the time I was done.

Maria Hunt, Texas - Audible Review / September 7, 2018

This is not only a Must Read, but a Must Listen!!

Let me just start with...This is a not only a MUST READ, but a MUST HEAR too!! 

I LOVED this in both forms, but having this on Audible really brings this one to life. 

Whispered Prayers of a Girl took me on a journey like no other and totally stole my heart. This is a heart breaking journey of how loss can torture you and break you with all the what ifs in life that we all face sometimes in our lives. This book had me feeling every emotion possible from beginning to end. It's not only heartbreaking, but heartwarming. Yes, I guarantee that it will rip your heart out, but I also guarantee that it will slowly put it all back together. 

Jeanette Oglesby - Audible Review / September 9, 2018

Best Sellers!



Mississippi, 1955: 14-year-old Emmett Till was murdered by a white mob after making flirtatious remarks to a white woman, Carolyn Bryant. Till's attackers were never convicted, but his lynching became one of the most notorious hate crimes in American history. It launched protests across the country, helped the NAACP gain thousands of members, and inspired famous activists like Rosa Parks to stand up and fight for equal rights for the first time. Part detective story, part political history, Tyson revises the history of the Till case using a wide range of new sources, including the only interview ever given by Carolyn Bryant. In a time where discussions of race are once again coming to the fore, Tyson redefines this crucial moment in civil rights history.

©2017 Timothy B. Tyson (P)2017 Dreamscape Media, LLC

The Blood of Emmett TillRhett Samuel Price

The BLOOD of EMMETT TILL - Reviews

The details of The Civil Rights ERA 

Would you consider the audio edition of The Blood of Emmett Till to be better than the print version?

I read book, as the audio played and enjoyed them bot novel immensely. I would have to lean towards audio because of the narrator's voices.


Who was your favorite character and why?


All who died seeking justice, Emmitts Mother and my Hero, Medgar Evers. All who stood in the presence of hatred and evil which is more than than many had the guts do.


What does Rhett S. Price bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?


The narrator was essential in providing dialogue with voices to stimulate and intrigue the listener.


If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?


An Era of death and truth.


Any additional comments?


This novel tells the story I had known since I was a young adult.  However, the author provided documentary style detailed information connecting the various significant points of interest revealing the era, the people, the culture, the best and worst of people who lived and died during a horrible time in American History.  The most significant aspect of the novel is the author's ability to reveal a timeline of specifics surrounding the death of Emmitt Till shaping the reader's thoughts with knowledge about a period setting your emotions on fire.  When people speak of the Civil Rights Era, the details are rarely known or discussed. Because of the thousands of deaths during that period, each US State should erect Memorials and Monuments to recognize the deaths of so many people who merely wanted justice.

M. J. Leake - Travel Writer & Blogger / April 28, 2018


In 1955 an all-white male jury found the two white defendants not guilty of killing a black boy even though they had confessed to the crime. This is one of the worst incidents of “Southern Justice” in our nation’s history. The victim was a fourteen-year-old black boy from Chicago who was visiting a relative in Mississippi. The boy who had polio when younger was accused of provoking a white woman, Carolyn Bryant, with a wolf whistle and flirtation. Her husband, Roy Brant and her half -brother, J. W. Milan, then beat-up and lynched the boy.

Many books have been written about this case. What sets Tyson’s book apart is the broad view he used to examine the lynching. Tyson does an excellent job with the courtroom scenes. The book is well written and meticulously researched. Tyson examined the records including the trial transcripts and interviews of most of the people involved, including a rare interview with the late Carolyn Bryant. Apparently, Carolyn Bryant wrote her memoir. The manuscript and related papers have been sealed until 2038. The author delves into the social and economic forces that drove Roy Bryant and J. W. Milan to kill Till. Tyson then ties up the case to include the ongoing problems of inequality of justice for blacks today. Tyson is a historian at Duke University so the book is more academic than many books written on the subject.

The book is just over eight and a half hours long. Rhett S. Price does a good job narrating the book. Price is an actor and audiobook narrator. 

Jean, Santa Cruz, CA - Audible Review / July 15, 2017

Excellent Book.  Worth 5 Stars *****

This true story recounts the cruel kidnapping and savage murder of a fourteen year old youngster in the racist Mississippi environment of 1955. Speaking from my own point of view, I never believed Emmett whistled at the white lady (Carolyn Bryant) with disrespect in mind but with an impish impulse to show off to his teen friends. Therefore, this makes the brutal consequence of his lighthearted child play even more horrific...if possible. The book is thoroughly researched, well written, and narrated by a brilliant performance artist with a talent to deliver dialogue in various character voices. 

Mary Burnight, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Audible Review / March 2, 2017

Atlas, Atlas Series Book 1


Rade Galaal enrolls in the hardest military training known to man to become a member of the MOTHs, the most elite fighting unit in the galaxy. MOTHs are tacticians, corpsmen, snipers, astronauts, and commandos rolled into one. They also happen to pilot the atomic-powered ATLAS mechs, specialized military hardware that brings new meaning to the phrase "one-man-army".  When Special Warfare Command orders MOTH Team Seven on a covert operation beyond the furthest reaches of explored space, Rade realizes he's signed up for more than he bargained for.

©2013 Isaac Hooke (P)2014 Isaac Hooke

Atlas, Atlas Series Book 1Rhett Samuel Price

Atlas, Atlas Series Book 1 - Reviews

All Around Great

This whole book is great. As Rade and his friends go thru their training you feel like your there. There's action thru all that and on to their missions. It keeps you listening and wanting to hear more. The only character that gave me problems was Shaw..I just could not like her... 

The narrator created the voices that so matched all the characters perfectly. Mr. Price has become one of my favorite narrators. 
This audio was given to me free at my request & I made this review voluntarily.

Cindy, Splendora, Texas / June 19, 2018

Great Read


very engaging could not put it down. Sat in car listening after I arrived did not want to stop.


Mitty - Audible Review / May 14, 2017

Great Sci-Fi

It holds you to the seat not wanting to put it down. I'm glad I read it on a weekend with nothing to do or else I would have been angry pausing it every time. If you like military Science fiction this book is definitely for you has tons of action and the narrator does a great job. he hold the suspense where needed and speeds up during action. he puts you into the book like it's your story, you are rage. that is why I like this book the author and the narrator did an amazing job.

Abhishek - Audible Review / November 25, 2016

Great Syfy Book

Would you consider the audio edition of Atlas to be better than the print version?

Just as good. The audio made the book come alive for me.


What was one of the most memorable moments of Atlas?


When Rade was unable to save his friend his mentor, Alejandro and at the funeral for all of his fallen brothers "MOTH"


Have you listened to any of Rhett Samuel Price’s other performances before? How does this one compare?


No this was the first time. I like his style I will look for other books that he is Narrating Oh


Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?


Yes, when he realized that Shaw was the one that was leaving and the one-way mission she was on.


Any additional comments?


Atlas was an exciting Book. Syfy at it's best.

CC - Audible Review / October 23, 2016

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